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Tired of busy tax season? Today’s tax preparation laws needs special attention as they are getting much more complicated than ever before. If you were to handle the tax process on your own, it can take you days to complete the task at hand. Remember, that you have several forms to organize and less experienced preparer`s might overlook deductions or credits that you may be entitled to.

With IMnS Associates tax preparation outsourcing services, any errors on your return and tax-processing will go well with you and your organization need not handle the workload anymore. Our experts will function as your personalized income tax processing department with minimal operating costs!

Our Tax Preparation Services include:
Our services ensure that diverse client’s requirements are handled in the most efficient manner. We offer

  • Form 1040 (individuals)
  • Form 1065 (Partnerships)
  • Form 1120 (For companies)
  • Classifying and interpreting P/L items
  • Tax treatment of various accounts

Our Federal Tax Return Services

  • Individual Income Taxes
  • S Corporation Income Taxes
  • C Corporation Income Taxes
  • Fiduciary Income Taxes
  • Partnership Income Taxes
  • Heavy Equipment Use Taxes
  • Nonprofit Corporation Taxes

Our State Tax Return Services

  • Individual Income Taxes (for all states)
  • Corporate Income Taxes
  • Partnership Income Taxes
  • Intangible Taxes
  • Tangible Taxes
  • Charter/Franchise Taxes

Our Tax Processing Process

  1. Sending Scanned Documents
    The process of filing tax returns starts with sending us scanned documents. Once we receive the files, our experts will enter the data into a tax software.
  2. Entry of and Auditing
    Auditing of tax returns ensures that the data is correctly entered in the software and accounted for.
  3. Returns Are Transmitted For Review
    In the next stage, the returns are transmitted (by using ASP/FTP) to client’s firm for review. You are free to request modifications if needed.
  4. Submitting Final Copy to the Clients
    When the customer finalizes the returns, the IMnS team will update the tax file and send a final copy to the client, to be filed before the due date.

By using our services, your business saves more than before with the improved tax processes and procedures. Get in touch with us today!

For businesses based in Pakistan, it is very important to register those for Sales Tax if involved in Taxable activities. At IMnS, we provide all sales tax related services to client for reasonable charge. Following are the details related to SRB registration and its compliance.

Sales Tax Registration
Any business involved in activities on which sales tax is applicable are liable to get registered with FBR for sales tax. Sales tax registration is also required to enter bidding or tendering process with a government department or multinational company, even if a business is not involved in taxable activities.

Sales Tax Registration – Business Individuals
Sales tax registration for business individuals is required if any individual is involved in taxable activities. Sales tax registration is also required to enter bidding or tendering process with a government department or multinational company, even a business is not involved in taxable activities.

Required Document for AOP registration for sales tax:

  • Copies of CNIC of all Directors / Partners
  • NTN of the Company or AOP (If Available)
  • Lease Agreement or Ownership Documents
  • Paid Electricity Bill of Registered Office
  • Letterhead of AOP / Company
  • Bank Account Maintenance Certificate
  • Sales Tax Registration – AOP/ Partnership Firms
  • Sales tax registration with FBR is required for AOP is required if AOP is involved in taxable activities.

Sales Tax Registration – Companies
Sales tax registration with FBR is required for company if any company is involved in taxable activities.
Sales tax registration with FBR is required for a company is required if company is involved in taxable activities.

General Sales Tax (GST), which is a modified form of VAT. Rampant changes in the GST law have made it intricate and difficult for taxpayers to understand the tax cycle. Due to this difficulty many organizations are now facing problem in identifying risk areas and to ensure that they fully comply with the Pakistan Tax structure.

At IMnS Associates, our expert tax consultants remove this burden of worry from you, allowing you to focus on business goals around the world. We not only keep you aware of recent tax changes that may affect your business now or in future, but also will help you to integrate a plan into your business strategy.

Our range of services includes:

  • Tax Planning and Strategy Development
  • Applying for and obtaining GST registration.
  • Preparation and filing of Monthly GST Returns
  • Maintenance of GST Record
  • Following up GST exemption(s)
  • Reviews of existing systems to highlight possible areas of penalties
  • Advises for adjustment of input and output taxes and pursuing in claim
  • Assistance in obtaining refunds from Federal Board of Revenue as Tax Refunds are very important for our clients, therefore, we always give due diligence for claim of proper tax credits and taking refunds from FBR.
  • Representation on behalf of the clients before tax authorities on contentious GST issues
  • Performing as E-Intermediary
  • Advisory on day to day tax issues
  • Assistance in Issuance of NTN for the clients and STRN of the clients.
  • Assistance in going through Audit
  • Filing of Appeals of Sales Tax at all levels.
  • Assistance in obtaining Exemption certificates
  • Registration and maintenance of record for Duty & Tax Remission for Exporter (DTRE)
  • Correspondence with the CBR for removing fiscal anomalies

Taxation practice is the forte of our Firm. We have a pool of real taxation experts that have the expertise to handle every situation faced by our most valuable clients. Call us today!

Withholding Taxes are the major source of revenue by Federal Govt in Pakistan. They are the most important part of taxation system. Every Year WHT collection is rising as Federal Govt is imposing new WHT as new businesses are getting registered. This taxation system timely collection of revenue provides taxpayer chance to pay their taxes on monthly basis and in installments. For companies doing business, WHT compliance has become complex due to constantly change of tax laws and regulations across multiple jurisdictions.

At IMnS Associates, we provide tax consulting services in matter relating to WHT and hence, help to minimize clients company’s tax burden with the astute utilization of such tax credits to the client’s benefit, in compliance with Internal Revenue Service regulations. To this end, our specific withholding tax services are discussed as follows.

  • Assisting the Company to remit withholding tax deducted from vendor’s invoices. Make withholding tax payments and frequent liaison with external service providers.
  • Communicating and following up with the tax authorities on WHT matters and to obtain receipts.
  • Assisting Companies whose WHT have been deducted at source and assist in accompanying tax credits note in conjunction with the Company that made the WHT deduction from vendor invoices.
  • Representing and attending to any queries on behalf of client at routine WHT audits.
  • We also determine non-compliance with the WHT laws and recover the tax, in addition to the penalties.
  • Review withholding tax returns and rectifying errors, if any.
  • Liaise with the finance departments for tax account reconciliations
  • Provide assistance on special projects as necessary
  • Seek to keep clients’ tax liability at minimum.

If you desire efficient results with your WHT issues, IMnS Consulting is waiting for your call. Save MONEY NOW.

Tax compliance regulations are becoming complex for firms with overseas operations. If you plan to expand your business worldwide, or looking to minimize the risks and the costs associated with established international offices, a strong international tax planning strategy advisor is all you need.

International tax matters revolve around on the main characteristics of local, overall international and regional tax and legal requirements that apply to your business. As businesses expand globally, the business owner needs to deal with regulatory pressures, sophisticated revenue authorities and diverse reporting standards– and IMnS Associates has deep experience with all of it and advise you in specific areas such as:

  • Tax effective financing
  • Foreign income tax preparation and Development of tax efficient structures
  • Initial registrations, calculations, and reconciliations of direct and indirect tax returns
  • Mitigating tax leakage
  • Foreign withholding return reporting
  • Indirect tax return preparation
  • Transfer pricing advisory services
  • Local tax provision preparation
  • Tax rulings
  • Back-office services

The IMnS Associates each client company’s range of services are coordinated across areas of geographies and manages through a central, professional point-of-contact. Our Taxation Services are not just focused around cutting costs but more importantly about augmenting the client’s business value. Our experts have extensive experience in tax preparation, meeting taxation return filing deadlines, and handling tax compliance workload.

Our team is well-conversant with widely accepted tax software. The team receives continuous in-house training regarding international tax laws and regulations to ensure that they stay abreast with all the requirements. Call us now!.

Should your business suffer from significant underperformance, experience financial distress, IMnS Associates can help. Our team has many years’ combined experience regarding strategic reviews, divestitures, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), shareholder activism, government transactions, leveraged buyouts, capital raisings and emerging companies. We work closely with you to understand challenges that come on the way. We offer bespoke corporate advisory services to entrepreneurs, private and public companies, institutions, and governments.

Here are some of the services we provide:

Innovative Ideas & Tailored Strategies
We help you achieve your business goals. Whatever the circumstances, get fresh ideas and creative advice from our experienced team members to help you achieve your objectives. Understanding your business is of foremost importance so that we can provide tailored strategies accordingly.

Preparing business plans – A comprehensive and robust business plan is key to success, that defines the key objectives and their financial implications. Our experts help you develop the best one.

Options analysis – if limited funding is holding your business back, don’t worry! We’ll assess all possible options and help you find the best solution.

Turnaround and performance improvement –We will provide expertise to help you make the change.

Financial restructuring – Get benefit from our impartial and honest advice regarding financial restructuring to help you solve problems. Crisis management – If you’re suffering from crisis, we help you survive and recover stronger than before.

Our capabilities

Strategic Reviews We evaluate clients strategic options and advise the best solutions.

Mergers & Acquisitions We deal M&A transactions, developing innovative tactics, identifying opportunities, and providing end-to-end execution support.

Divestitures We asses’ business owners available exit options and tailoring a transaction that delivers certainty.

IPO Advisory / Capital Raisings We advise on the capital raising process and assist our clients with accessing capital whether from private or public capital markets or financial sponsors.

Emerging Companies We provide capital solutions for emerging companies and specialist advisory services to their founders / entrepreneurs.

Connect with us to learn more about our corporate advisory services.


I hired Ilyas to help me with a business plan for my startup company. We are trying to get funding, and that requires a very detailed business plan to cover all the finance. Ilyas did an amazing job! He was so helpful and responsive. He took extra steps to ensure there were no mistakes and made great financial predictions. He is a pro in his field. I would recommend him anytime!

Ekaterina Vargataia
Ekaterina Vargataia

llyas just completed our financial remodeling and as a client, I have to say, he is a very professional individual in his field, (Financing / Financing Remodeling), I am extremely happy with his level of professionalism and dedication and his willingness to help and assist me with our financial remodeling.

Tony Henry

Ilyas possesses exceptional talent and creativity when it comes to financial matters. His innovative approaches to finance truly set him apart from others in the field. Working alongside him was a pleasure, and it provided both of us with the opportunity to delve deep into our shared passion for crunching numbers and financial analysis.

Hisham Koshak
Co-Founder & CEO